Stationed in Amsterdam, Lobster Lawyers provides legal and tax services to its clients. As a small but high-end firm,
our main focus is personal commitment to our clients, with less formal and more direct contact. Lobster Lawyers firm is
specialized in corporate law, national and international tax law and litigation.  Amongst other, our services consist of:

• Mergers and Acquisitions and (international) restructuring including legal and tax due diligence on target companies;
• Dutch Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, VAT and Wage Tax compliance and advice;
• Legal and Tax legislation, including negotiations with authorities and other involved parties, objections and appeals;
• Estate planning and legal and tax family office services;
• Legal and tax services on matter of intellectual property rights and media;
• Solutions for Transfer Pricing Issues and assistance for Advance Pricing Agreements and Advance Tax Rulings

Moreover, due to our extensive professional network, including national and international operating notaries, lawyers,
auditors, finance specialists and other advisors, we are able to assist our clients on a full service scale.