Britt Tillemans

Britt Tillemans is a corporate law and litigation specialist. As a formerly regularly by the District Court of Limburg appointed trustee in bankruptcies Britt gained a great deal of experience in insolvency law, both from the point of view of the trustee, and from the point of view of the debtor, its managing directors, shareholders and financial stakeholders.

Britt brings a pragmatic approach to her practice. Britt is dedicated to understanding the needs of her clients and building an in-depth knowledge of their business, in order to provide practical and timely advice. Britt advises on an extensive range of matters which cover corporate law, particularly contract law, insolvency law and restructuring. Britt has extensive experience in litigation as well as advising parties involved in bankruptcies, director’s liability, security rights and restarts.

Since November 2016 Britt joined the firm Lobster Lawyers. The opportunity to work on large, complex deals was part of the attraction, but the primary reason Britt joined the firm are the people.

Britt is a member of the Dutch Bar Association and completed the specialized CPO course Insolvency Law for trustees.

University Maastricht
Corporate Law / 2010

+31 (0)20 2149185