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LL Advocatuur is a niche law firm, located in Amsterdam and its main focus is corporate law, civil and litigation. The no nonsense approach provides the best quality and care for the clients of LL Advocatuur. Although LL Advocatuur was established in 2014, it has a long and good track record. Maarten Toorenburgh has been working as a lawyer since 2002 and he always works by his motto KIS – Keep It Simple. Maarten represents various clients, including large corporations, in civil and tax procedures. Britt Tillemans began her legal career as a lawyer in 2010, she has extensive experience in litigation as well as advising parties involved in bankruptcies, director’s liability, security rights and restarts.

LL Advocatuur
Vliegtuigstraat 6E
1059 CL Amsterdam

E: mt@lladvocatuur.com
M: 06-42470190

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