Maeve M. Janmaat

Maeve graduated from Leiden University in the field of Criminal Law in 2019. Apart from her study in criminal law, Maeve’s practical experience include employment law, corporate law, real estate law, contract law and compliance. She worked as a paralegal at a corporate law firm in Sint Maarten and also gained experience at one of the leading criminal law firms of the Netherlands. After her graduation she worked for the first Dutch Caribbean’s licensed securities broker and asset manager.

Maeve joined Lobster Lawyers in July 2019. The opportunity to work on a broad and diverse spectrum of issues appealed to her as well as the oppurtinity to combine practical and commercial experiences into relevant legal and business advice. Maeve aims to combine the facets of entrepreneurship, business management and law by providing practical and tailor-made advise to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

Maeve will join the Dutch Bar Association in January 2020.

Leiden University
Criminal Law / 2019

Mr. Dr. P.P.J. van der Meij & M.M. Janmaat, ‘Petje op, petje af. De procesposities van politieambtenaren in en rondom het strafproces als obstakel bij waarheidsvinding’, Strafblad 2019 (March), p. 41-44.

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